What is DivLib?

DivLib is a website where amateur developers and programmers can show show off what they've learned, and pick up new tricks.

Why don't you support [insert language here]?

The DivLib team is still very small, and unfornately we can't add official support for all known programming languages. As the team grows, we will continue to add new languages that are desired by the community.
Until then, please use the freeform entry to input any nonsupported language.

What are these user titles?

Titles are what you see floating next to user names such as this: taikunFounder. Since the beginning, we wanted to allow some of our special users the ability to stand out. Because of this we created the title system so users can show off their special accomplishments.

How do I get a title?

Titles are given out to contest winners, VIPs, and sometimes just randomly. Special title giveaways will be announceed as they're made available.

How can I show my support?

We're currently not hiring, but donations always help!

I found a bug.

OMG! Yes please contact us is immediatly at bugs@divlib.com

I have a recommendation.

Feel free to contact us at contactus@divlib.com with the word "Recomendation" in the subject line.

I would like to contact the team about something else.